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Feather by Kevin Parker - Video DOWNLOAD

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A new kind of levitation. With no thread, levitate a person's wallet by letting them rest their fingertips on it while it slowly rises under their fingers, them feeling it and seeing it, as it hovers above the table or surface it was resting on. It levitates just like the levitation in the movie The Craft. It slowly lowers back down and spectator reclaims his wallet, not a trace of trickery in sight. This is Feather, a new concept in levitations.

- No thread
- No magnets
- Wallet is borrowed
- Wallet is not gimmicked

A small, lightweight gimmick comes into use, and stays out of sight, it is never seen before, during, or after the levitation. The tutorial video teaches you how to easily construct the gimmick out of one single item you can get locally or may already have, as this is a common everyday item. You most likely already have one or have one near you. Once the gimmick is made, there are unlimited uses. No need to make another one. It fits easily into your pocket for transportation.

- Perform surrounded 360.
- Float the wallet anywhere on the table or surface; in the middle, on the edge, etc.
- Gimmick is extremely easy to make, make it out of just one item, no mechanical skills necessary. You probably already have the item. Gimmick is very portable and durable.

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